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What you can expect from an Enigma or a Gwydir dog

We do not breed dogs to be exhibited in the show-ring.

Instead we aim to produce great family pets with the 3 most important, and linked,

Good Temperament

Enigma’s and Gwydir's breeding dogs are specifically selected for their tolerant good natures which are passed on to their puppies.

Good Health

To the best of our knowledge our breeding dogs have no known detrimental health issues, and their pups should live a full and healthy life.


All our pups are bred to be companions to singles, couples or families with children.

A dog with a good temperament will make a good companion but needs good health in order to enjoy his own life. An unwell dog with aches and pains will not be a happy dog and his temperament may suffer because of how he feels — just like people.

So, Good Temperament + Good Health = Good Companion

Note:  All Enigma and Gwydir breeding dogs have had full DNA tests to ensure that they are healthy and are not carrying anything nasty that could be passed on to their offspring.  This includes PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), an inherited disease in which affected dogs will go blind at around 4 or 5 years old.


Our pups are sold with a non-negotiable Desexing Contract, and must be desexed by 6 to 10 months old.  A copy of the Sterilisation Certificate must be sent or emailed to us when this is done.

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