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General Dog Information

All dogs can bite. In the past this is what they have done to survive—to catch food, to protect their young, and to defend themselves.

Now that our dogs are members of our human ‘pack’, they no longer need to catch their own food (although this instinct is still in them). Some breeds also still have a strong defensive nature and are used by us humans to protect our property — these dogs are still known to bite. Others will give warning by way of barking, which is often quite a useful thing. And some are just so sweet- natured, i.e. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, that all humans and dogs are regarded as their friends.

Enigma dogs will usually give a warning bark if a stranger enters their property, but are unlikely to ever bite.

Enigma dogs are outcross bred which gives them more hybrid vigour and stamina - the old saying that the ‘Heinz’ dog (multi-breed dog) is the healthiest, is fairly accurate.

By having unrelated parents there is less chance of inheriting genetic problems or undesirable traits common in many purebreds, and our dogs should live a long and healthy life to around 14 or 15 years.

Unfortunately, like humans, dogs can get things like cancer which no amount of out-crossing can prevent. Enigma’s pets are known to be friendly, tolerant and good-natured with children. Parents should, on getting a puppy, ensure that their children know to behave and treat their pup with respect and love, as much as they expect and teach their pup to have good manners, be obedient and fit into their family life.

Gwydir Wockers are not really great watch dogs as they regard everyone as their friend, so they certainly don't bite and are not likely to bark either!

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