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Enigma Poodles & Poodle Cross-breds

The word ‘enigma’ means ‘a puzzle’ - and so it is with the Enigma puppies. All puppies in a litter are not alike—some are more like their sire, and some are more like their dam. However all are carefully bred from parents that have no known health issues and have beautiful temperaments. Our small kennel breeds Poodle crossbred dogs as well as purebred Poodles crossed within the breed to produce our delightful Middies.

Our puppies are sought by those who want pets with the non-shedding and non-allergenic properties of the Poodle combined with a dog of a different breed (in our case English Cocker Spaniel and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) to avoid the close breeding, and often subsequent health issues, of many purebred dogs.

As many of the Enigma dams are Standard Poodles, the puppies mature to be of medium size—about 45 to 50 cms at the shoulder and about 17 to 18 kgs in weight.

The puppies resulting from a Middy Poodle-cross mature to a slightly smaller size.

Some of the beautiful Cock-cavoodle-do pups, an Enigma indeed, grow to no more than Miniature Poodle size, and although they may shed hair slightly compared to the others, they retain non-allergenic properties, and their natures are beautiful for those families wanting a smaller pet.

We usually have 2 or 3 Enigma litters per year.

In every way our pups are responsibly raised according to the guidelines of the Australian National Kennel Council but cannot be registered either because they are purebred Poodles with Phantom or Parti colouring, or the product of two different, often ANKC registered, purebred breeds.

Our breeding dogs

True Colours

Standard Poodle








Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Miniature Poodle




English Cocker Spaniel





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