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Gwydir Working Cocker Spaniels

Working Cocker Spaniels are different to English Cocker Spaniels.  They originated in UK and are used as retrievers for shooting parties.  They can be recognised for their abilities by performing and passing tests to attain the title FTCH – Field Trial Champion.  They are not exhibited in the Show Ring, but are registered on the Kennel Club Register as a recognised breed.  In UK they are known as Working Cockers whilst the English Cockers (the breed we recognise in Australia as Cocker Spaniels) are know as Show Cockers.  Working Cockers are not a recognised breed in Australia and there are very few of them here.

Working Cockers have a different appearance to English Cockers, not so much coat, nor such a domed head.  They are legally docked in UK to assist them in field work although some owners work their dogs undocked.  They are bright, lively and good natured dogs, very good on retrieval and smelling out rabbits or birds, and they love water.  They are not lap dogs - although very affectionate they love to be out and active.  It is said that Working Cockers are the original Cocker Spaniels, the Show/English Cockers having been selectively bred from them to exhibit different features which appeal in the Show Ring, and then becoming listed by the Kennel Club as a different type of Cocker Spaniel.  Breeders in UK occasionally cross-breed between the two types of Cockers.

Gwydir imported Working Cockers from UK in order to get completely different bloodlines here. They have a bright, lively, happy personality as well as being intelligent and with a very good temperament.

We usually have 1 Working Cocker litter per year.

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Working Cocker Spaniel


Working Cocker Spaniel


Working Cocker Spaniel


Working Cocker Spaniel


Working Cocker Spaniel

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